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A tour to be remembered for Ages

And so We are here,

We – A group of people from a corporate world , Chennai who have known each other very well since they joined. As a employees , each and everyone were so close and their bonding was up to the notch. The office and the frequent hang outs was their place where their friendship was forged. It’s always a customary that one would expect a team outing when you are in a corporate field and the time had come to decide on the place to go. We ( Myself and Rubiga – A lady with such leaderships skill and a lovely human ) were asked to plan for the outing. The moment we heard this , We were seeing each other with a bright spark of light glowing above our head and wide smile on each others face. We were puzzled and bemused to freeze out one final place , So we went onto the Voting option to finalize the place .Each of them having their distinct mannerisms, interests, and behaviors and what united them was their love for outing; And finally there were two majority votes coming through , One was for a trekking to Nagala and a one day tour to Yelagiri. And we decided to go for the Yelagiri and when we were about to raise our heels and yell with lot of joy , but there came quite a set of restrictions from higher level imposing a bunch of rule’s which we need to adhere to avail the project budget as we need to keep in mind with policies too. We (Myself and Rubiga ) – the poor souls by that time had no idea as we were clueless , dejected and hopeless. We almost thought its going to be grueling task from there on . The moment when it was said , Three gentleman’s  (Pradeep –  The most stature person in our team with helping hand character , Kalaiarason – The coolest gallant(pretty man) , We call him as Bugs Bunny 🙂 , Ansel –  The jovial person in our team who makes life easier with his smile ) gave their hands to support the plan  and there was finally some shades of hope circling around us with a convinced face after they chipped in.  After a weighty talks and discussions which went for hours and days , the management was really happy to leave us to go for the tour on a self budget .The small shades of hope turned enormous and I could reciprocate the word “Hope” with the movie Shaw-shank Redemption (“Hope is a good thing ,May be the best of good things and no good thing ever dies“) . The most beloved thing about the people was they dint mind in spending their own penny as they were looking for great memories which would last for ever.

Now the plan was on and with no time , the resort was booked as well we hired a private van . Meanwhile two little kids (Priya – Stuart Little/Chotha sis and Nandhini –  A girl known for her zeal and elated character) were the scouts in getting the list of lucky fellows who would turn up for the tour. You either pop your head / Nod your head / raise your hands, They would take it as “YES” and marks the entry in the history of books . Things were being planned and been executed like a trace of bullets from there on.  A couple of heads up was given for the new fishes (Freshers) as well as for the veteran ones regarding the plan and schedule .

August 7th – 8:30 AM , It was when where I changed my calendar date from 6th to 7th August and I could dream that the best things are yet to come later on that day and the history is going to be re-written. At the stroke of 12PM ( My phone started becoming restless as it was sliding with vibration and with a display  “Gopi Driver Calling” (The driver who was about to take us to heaven) and yes he said “Thambi, We are set and we are right down at the entrance of your building” . So we starting asking people to disperse with at most tranquility . Meanwhile we had quick brunch of meals and were getting some beverages to eat while travelling and when we came back to the place, I was able to see none being present except few which infers the love and eagerness for the tour. However there were few left outs still  because of personal commitments and work whom we really missed . With all the heaviness in the heart on one foot and the joy/pleasure on the other to enjoy the tour,Here we come YELAGIRI 🙂

Here he is - who took us to heaven :)
Here he is – who took us to heaven 🙂

The van started filling up and that’s where we noticed that we would require a car additionally. With no more delay, Ansel’s Mahendra Car came into existence and joined the game . Both the engines started and “vrum vrum” was the sound I heard and in just 5 mins of travel we stopped near by a temple. There is always a belief and saying that people  travelling long using their vehicles would pay a visit a to that temple and offer prayers to make sure that they reach their journey safe.And so I believed too and had my placid prayers to the god and all the formalities happened.

The real journey started from there on.! I was able to see so many jubilant face more importantly on Rubiga’s face as we had a series of jeopardy while planning for the tour. My eyes were rolling here and there just to see what were they doing . On one side you see a dozen of people playing Anthakshali , other side you see people plugging their ear-phones  and to add on there were few talking seriously about life and when i was just about to conclude there was one asking “Snacks sapuda enna irruku ” and other one asking “eppo yelagiri povoum” and just when you feel that you have finished clearing their clarifications , there would be one exceptional case asking “Eppo bus niruthvoom” :).

The team of Ansel's Mahendra Car :)
The team of Ansel’s Mahendra Car 🙂

Right at the stroke of 5 PM , We had a pit stop near Kanchipuram where we figured out “Murugan Idly Shop” – One of the authentic and well-known veg restaurant in Chennai. Some had no idea why we halted while some used that fruitful chance to taste the good Coffee/Tea. It was that time we came to know that the party had started already in Ansel’s car as each and everyone coming out with delectation look on their face and in contrary some of us [Includes me as well 😛 ] had no idea and we rushed near the car to confirm and after being noticed , Ashwin ( Another good loving human soul and a good companion when it comes to Sports and other stuffs ) and myself got back into the van with absolute dismal and convinced ourselves. Meanwhile on the other side , I was able to see plenty of front cams being enabled to take selfies – Posing and Photo Bombs everywhere . Once the driver had the pleasure of completing the smoke, I felt that it was time to start from there and we started to get back into the van . some dint turn up on time in spite of yelling their names and it required additional coaxing. Once the count got hit to 25 , the driver started and he began to drive . The fun , gossips , whispers continued again. To my right , there were ladies helping out each other in giving eye drops to the infected eye (Monica– We call her as Deepika Padukone because her smile and looks do replicate the famous Bollywood actress – always a ecstatic face , Devipriva – Big Akka / Dee Dee : My sister indeed 🙂 – A very caring character and a great mentor  ) as Devipriya had an eye infection and despite all this , she turned up with great fortitude for which I regard(respect) her to the most ..

That real happiness you get when you hang-out with the loved ones
That real happiness you get when you hang-out with the loved ones

The time was just passing by and it was around 6:30, the wind started blowing so hard that our van began to sway to the wind’s need.We could see only the light coming from the headlights of cars and the bikes skidding across the road and the rain beginning to lash. By 6:50 we started experiencing the road of meanders with around 14-16 Hair pin bends. There was a whisper besides me for every 10 minutes from then  “Adi- Vomit varuma da ? , How many hairpins irruku innum? , Vundutoma da? ”  – a series of questions put forth to me by this sweet lady Balkis ( Kindness and ever smiling face is what that defines her ) . Having known that we were almost nearing to hospitality place (Resort) , I gave a call to Kalai to know where they were and they said they would be at the spot in a hours time . Reason for delay despite coming in car? well, Ambur has invited them with their authentic Biryani which has persisted them to start late from Ambur.

Exactly around 7:30 , we reached the place which we were searching the place in the shear darkness , “The Moon land Residence” . A sense of relief to all that we have reached safe . with no time we (Rubiga and myself) with the resort supervisor went onto to visit our villa’s to make sure that all rooms are comfortable enough with a good ambiance. Frankly saying , those villa’s were just heaven to us and we became over enthusiastic and were very much satisfied. Should be a great recommended place . Who would have thought a Resort charging just 900 for a beautiful villa with a breakfast/Lunch/dinner and a campfire indeed . I surely bet the person who had built this resort should be hailed and be given accolades  😛

People started cherishing the nostalgic moments as the kids park was calling them . At one end you could see people playing see-saw and at the other it would be the swings.By that time it was already 8:30 PM.Now is when we realize our purpose of having come to the place and some starts complaining that we haven’t gotten ourselves refreshed for the campfire yet. I walk over to Rubiga and Prabha (Prabha -The person who I admire and respect for his perseverance) and begin nagging them to make arrangements . we could really smell the succulent rasam and red-hot gobi and we were having a brilliant feast meanwhile the woods were pumped to get fired .The night’s Campfire kicked off as soon as the fire was lit.

The next 3 hours were the best time that each and everyone would have felt. Everybody Coming out of shyness and proving what they really are and that was when I noticed the dancing queens – (Mahalakshmi – New Fish with so much of talents and Jayshree – A good human with peculiar characters) . The movements they make are so agile and for people like us would just wonder with our mouth wide open. And here comes our main Protagonists (Siva – The man who has got great skills in making other smile with his ruthless jokes and surya – The cutie , Yet another cool person and with so many girl fans , I suppose 😛 ). Both were on a roll . Siva in particular – Whatever he jokes , you are guaranteed to burst out of laughter. He was making an extemporaneous impact . Surya – His dance steps might sound strange yet easy  , His steps was the seal of approval that authorizes others to follow the same. Kalai and Myself were finding it tough even for that but in sometime he found an answer and he started too and I was finding a way to flew away :D.

It was almost midnight 1 AM and we felt that we were done for the day as there was a pile up of plans put in forth starting from 6 AM and everybody needs to have a good nap indeed before that. Well,there was one guy coming with a box containing cold beers with screech voice saying ” We are not done for the day still 😀 ”  . Blissful weather , Cold Breeze , and  a cold Beer – What else you can ask for at midnight 1:30 AM .

I switched on the radium light in my watch and it was around 2:30 AM and We (Prabha and me)  dissipated from there. I was making sure that my fellow room mates have kept alarm but by the time when we stepped in, Ravi ( The coolest arsenal Freak with awesome attitude) fully covered with a blanket like a corpse 😛  and Surya with strident Snoring sound. So We (Prabha and me) trusted each other with a view that either one would wake up once the phone yells out loudly.

“Holy Shit (Ada cha) ”  – That was the word coming out when the alarm rang giving a vibrant feel “Adukulaya 5 mani aiyudchu” . Rapid Calls, Pulling the friends from the bed, Surya’s Crowing sound to wake up the neighbor-hoods did the trick for us to make everyone come out and get into the van.There would be one hiding and shouting in the van saying Surya is missing ,Sudden panic ensues because the absence of one person would tip a delay in starting. and just when you are about to call him ,You would hear an echo stating ” Na inga daan irruken ra”. Since it was a new place for us ,The resort supervisor sent us a guide  and guess what “A 4 footed,Skinny,7th std kid was our tour guide ” – and that was face palm for me .More than me ,The driver got shell-shocked. But very soon He became  such a good musketeer to us guiding us to the correct path for the trekking.

What a lovey day :)
What a lovey day 🙂

Exactly by 6:45, We started to follow this pro trekker -the kid actually , You wouldn’t have covered one-fourth of the trek and you would already see “ies” everywhere .Know what I mean ? The Selfies and Groupies 🙂 While some were very concerned and tenacious in reaching the view point and they continued to follow the kid. That’s when people would realize that their cell-phones which were brought were just waste and worthless and would erupt in agony as it was busy clicking the fellow named Suhash (Really a Photo Freak ). No matter how many times  you click, even you had clicked more than 100 times He doesn’t mind requesting for one more. Not a self contended person when it comes to posing . Done with enough photo shoots and gossips and now this is when you suspect that A trek which is supposed to be for an hour had got extended to 3 hours just because of the culprit behind me still posing – Suhash :P.

All getting ready for the count - 1 2 and 3 - Up and Above Team :D
All getting ready for the count – 1 2 and 3 – Up and Above Team 😀

Sweat and mud would have darkened the shade of our dress by the time we’re done. Cramped and bruised, we then begin hobbling as a horde towards where our van is parked. The stink of our sweat blankets the air around us. We absorb into our lungs, the sweat soaked air as the sun has started burning behind our backs. All would be aware what’s coming next but wait for the official announcement made my resort supervisor ” Breakfast is ready ” . All will be onto our feet instinctively by the time he completed his dialogue and just when you pick your plates , There was a sad face by appearance and a fury of expressions by his eyes – Jones (Such a good loving person and a good partner to when it comes to food) -Saddened for not being a part of trekking as there was a little miscommunication but hell yes he was such a easy going person and he became resilient  :).

It was almost 11 and our skin began to scorch. After quite a bit of refreshments and nap, We started marching to “Ropes And Knots” – The place where one would get to know the real purport of “Thrill And Adventure”. The kid lead us again from the front and the moment we reached ,we saw some luxury cars being parked and onto our right A board displaying the rates  for each rides drawn our attention with a baffled face as the rates were at a point of zenith . Finally i was able to co-relate both the instances (Luxury Cars and Display Board). We dint mind that still , People started opting their favorite game and got a pass for the loved game and was getting scattered slowly.

On one end you would see a gang of 8 getting set for battle of 4 in Paint-Ball Shooting game, 100 meters from there you would get see a half a dozen of people with arrow on their hands getting ready for archery . And you raise your head , you would see a person going in a pace of swift (Zip-line). Furthermore you focus your eyes deep , There would be one human fighting for life 😛 as he/she would be meddled in the middle of Burma Bridge .The fun continued and the enjoyable fulfillment is made evident as we stand rooted, smiling at each other as we were coming out from the building . The 3 hours of enjoyment had put a great smile on each and everyone’s face.

You call them as Serious posers :) Game -Set -On
You call them as Serious posers 🙂 Game -Set -On

Back again to the resort , and the scrumptious Biryani was calling us for the lunch . All our brains were just blank as their love for Biryani was inexorable as everybody turned out to be epicurean .Almost it was 3 , there was a order from one and only our beloved head –Pradeep that its time to move on. With no further delay , All the formalities,settlements happened .With broken heart , we have to leave but this was just a beginning and this would really urge us to explore more places in the coming days .!

With a beautiful hug to my guide and wishing him success for the future , I said good-bye to him and our vehicles departed from the place .We started to become restive and tapped out as we dint have good long sleep , a tiring travel and a rigorous trek made us so drowse. soon after an hour, Almost everyone falling asleep. The clock was tickling and it was 6 PM – there was a voice raised “Dumbsharads”. And yes – All started to become pro active and game began with surya leading one side and Rubiga on the other. For every round you would hear a Sarcastic , Weird sound from a group of people of surya’s team yelling ” Surya -1 Rubi 0″ and mantra kept going still. This sounded strange yet we loved it 🙂 Meanwhile we ( Priya and Myself) were getting ourselves involved in calculating the expenses and were mesmerized by the rains pouring  heavily outside  when we were almost about to reach the place where we started previous day. With just 5 minutes to reach our point,Devipriya with her last turn was trying hard to make her team to find the movie name but they got puzzled too and Devi getting vexed and booing them “Dhendame” . Finally there came a answer and we officially declared the game as draw.

The moment we got down, we had the inner feel “Hell Yes- We did it” 😀  and “History was rewritten” . A 30 hours of fun would be one of the best times in our life and its going to last forever.  We would have made one hundred memories ,hundreds of jokes , hundreds of shared secret and one reason -as we are best friends and good souls 🙂 . Thank you all 🙂 the next on-board journey is coming soon followed by a blog indeed .Stay tuned .Its going to be bigger and better and we expect the remaining good hearts to join us (Prasath,Bharani,Kartik,Daniel,Jacob,Osborn,Sherley,Gayathris,Karthika,Mahesh,Moses,Manda,Sriram,Emelda,Binesh,Senthil,Srividhya and more )

Lol :) For the people who doesn't know odix -Here he is :)
Lol 🙂 For the people who doesn’t know odix -Here he is 🙂


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It’s a great Feeling – Aditya Vasan (Odix)




It was on March-21st where the students of KCG witnessed a lots of Creative and new projects in NATIONAL IET PROJECT EXPO done by the final year ECE & EEE students Of KCG. Totally There were 9 teams from ECE & EEE department Where each and every one’s project was something new and original. I was really amazed and thrilled when few teams showed demonstrations of their project and the moment they showed the demonstrations I just thought If these projects gets implemented in the society ,How will it be? And in one word I can just frame it as “AWESOME”. It would be really good and interesting if these projects gets implemented in public society. we had two great resourceful person to judge these projects namely Mr.Dorai Thodla – Founder Of I-Morph and Dr.Sridharan-Senior Principal Scientist and Deputy Director(CEERI),



This was the very first project that started Of the IET PROJECT EXPO .From  the name of the project ,we can easily infer that its main principle is to prevent the usage of cell-phones while driving and also detects if the driver has consumed alcohol. Here they have used two sensors namely Stability and Alcohol Sensor where stability sensor allows the vehicle to gradually stop if the driver is feeling so drowsy and alcohol sensor will automatically detect whether the driver has consumed alcohol or not. This kind of project will be really helpful If it comes into play where accidents can be reduced to a greater extent.



This is a kind of project which will really help as a security  for voting machines once the voting process is completed. Two main technologies have been used namely WPAN-Wireless Personal Area Network which is almost a kind of wireless technology and the other one is GSM-Global System For Mobile Communication. Initially all the voting machines will be kept in separately designed room where a camera will be fixed and If there is any human Interruption, The camera will automatically detect and send a message to the person concerned for that room using the GSM technology. This will be an effective technique If it’s gets implemented in real time.



We need to have a look at this  Project which will genuinely assist the Blind people .There will be 3 IR Sensors fixed on the Goggles(Left, Right, center).If there is any obstacles on the center ,The IR sensor will automatically detect and will guide you through head  phones to either move left or right. Global Positioning System(GPS)  is a device that helps in navigation. It receives the coordinates from satellite and tells us the location. This feature has been added in the project for the blind to know the area he is in, in just a touch of a button and finally RF transceiver is generally used for Vehicle detection. The main vantage is that it will really support the blind people as they don’t need to rely on others if this kind of Project comes into effect.



In hospitals we generally come across lots of instruments for measuring blood pressure, heart rate and so on. But these people have thought something really new and I was very well convinced when they showed the demonstration of their project  where they have designed a system which is used to measure Blood Pressure, Heart rate and body temperature excites like all integrated in one system. For Measuring the blood pressure ,They have used Pressure sensor  which is used to calculate the pressure and Audio sensor -to measure systolic and diastolic level. Body temperature is calculated by just holding the amplifier that is affixed in the system.Heart rate is measured using IR sensor . Also it alerts the doctor or hospital in case of abnormality and emergency using GSM.  This Kind of system will be really cheaper and one can add further more measuring instruments and is highly portable If it is practiced regularly.



This is also an another kind of project which is going to be helpful for driver security. The  main principle is to detect the driver fatigue and will automatically sense an early alert by the use of camera. For every Eye lid movements there will be a separate values assigned .If the eyelid movement values is inferior constantly ,it will be detected by the camera  and will give an alert. Accidents can be really avoided by using this kind of detection as it has become very severe especially in INDIA.



Here comes the field of Robotics which can make a big change in the future in all aspects. This project was something which was really Originative. The main use of this robot is that it will really benefit bedridden patients. Whatever work that needs to be done by a robot is said through a voice recognition which can hold up to 20-25 words. Once the receiver receives the message sent by transmitter, the robot will start performing the desired actions. This type of robot will be a great benefactor to the people who are bedridden, Handicapped etc and other main thing is that they are very easy to access anywhere. This kind of project will make our eyes wide open to know more about Robots.



This is an another kind of project Which will be a great benefit to the blind people especially when they make purchase in a Grocery Store .Basically there will be a Radio Frequency Id which helps to deploy and read the item and it’s tell to the blind person through the voice output. There is a mechanical arm which helps in picking the objects. wireless Billing mechanism is used in this case  where Once the product is selected, it will send it to the RF transmitter which in turn is sent to the receiver. This entire mechanism will be key factor to the Blind people  because despite being blind, they can make purchases if this project gets carried out in the real time world.



One can drive a vehicle without a driver if this technique is used. In simple we can put it as “VEHICLE WITHOUT A DRIVER”. The coding part is actually done in AVR-Advanced virtual RISC architecture where they have programmed in such a way that it can move in forward, backward direction etc .Use of  IR sensor can detect an obstacle. In real time it can be executed in Industrial applications like Airport in particular Where they follow the same path.



A power wheel chair is designed especially for Quadriplegic patients(one affected with paralysis of both arm and legs). A micro electrical mechanical system is used where a Vibration sensor is fixed in the head which senses the patient  movement and allows the chair to move.IR sensor method is accomplished even here for collision detection. if there  is any obstacle in front, it will instinctively redirect the chair to move in another direction. So Quadriplegic patients never want to hang on others as they are directed by head movements if this working is followed.

The entire projects that were demonstrated in the IET PROJECT EXPO by the final year ECE & EEE students  were to the top notch and stupendous. Each and everyone’s project was really innovative and challenging. This projects can play a significant role if this comes into existence.

Mr.Dorai Thodla  after having a look at all the projects has quoted that “The final year projects were good”. He even added that  some of the projects have the potential to be continued and improved and turned into products.

Finally as a Blogger, I am very elated to be a part of this IET PROJECT EXPO. This has given me a chance to learn and know a lot especially in the field of Robotics and Micro-controllers despite being a computer science student. This has even made me to think to do a kind of innovative project in robotics.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr.Dorai Thodla (Founder Of I-Morph) , Mrs.Sumathi Poobal(Vice Principal), Dr.T.Ravi(CSE-HOD), Mr.S.Cloudin(Associate Professor), Mr.Sreekantha Kumar(Associate Professor) for the support and motivation and a big thanks to final year ECE & EEE students who spent time in giving explanations about their project even to the bloggers like us (rohit and myself).


Social Networking Websites

Social Networking Websites in Current Generation Has Really Become Viral From Young Kid To Old Grandpa and Grandma’s and That is one Of The Reason Why Social Networking Websites Like Twitter,Linked in,Facebook Has earned a very great name in this present generation.

This is Going to be a Great Benefactor For the Students Especially Which gives a very good chance in Networking With Lots Of Resourceful Persons,Sharing The Views,Exploring New Things,Making New Friends,Trying to Find Out a Remedy For a Problem.

 LinkedIn Today is a great feature where you get to read lots of  popular stories and articles from leading news sources across the world on various topics. An awesome  tool to keep up with the current trends.

Twitter is Like an Open University Where one gets the best insights and deep Knowledge with any Subject in this world.The best Way to make use of it is to follow the right people based On One’s Interest.For Example Whatever Tweets Posted By Great People Like Mark Zuckerberg,Bill Gates etc are Really Worth Reading.The simplest way to make use of it is to Follow Them.Even People Like Steve Jobs,Whatever Tweets or Videos That are posted In Twitter are really amazing that has really helped me in particular to improve on my presentation Skills.!

Facebook Off Course needs No Introduction.Facebook is the One Which helps you to Share our views across the world,Make new Friends from anywhere,Network with Great Peoples,Finding Opportunities that suits You etc..



Innovation is the Creation of better or more effective product, processes and services or ideas that are accepted by the Government and Society. There are “n” number of meanings for the word “INNOVATION”. For example Innovation can be termed as Thinking Out  Of  The Box, Creative Ideas, Brain Storming Ideas, Thinking More Than Usual etc. These are some of the main terms That Innovation Refers to. You should always be clear That Innovation Is Entirely Different From Invention. We can easily differentiate between these two like Invention is the creation of idea or method itself Whereas Innovation is the use of new idea or method that has never existed Before.

It doesn’t mean that Thinking any new or creative ideas will Frame One as an Innovative Person. Beyond that one needs to implement it..and one should make sure that whether it is useful for the public..and If all these things are achieved ..Then Obviously they are an Innovative Person..!!

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